What is wiemspro?

Wiemspro is a pioneering wireless system that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to enhance the results for individual and group activities.

EMS is the stimulation of muscles by sending harmless electrical impulses through them. The impulses are generated by a compact device and then transmitted to the desired muscle groups via carefully located electrodes.

The impulses mimic the electrical stimulus that comes from the central nervous system, causing muscle contraction. Wiemspro develops EMS systems specifically for fitness professionals. The result is an innovative system that maximizes the results for you and your clients.

Why EMS?

  • Successfully used in physical training for decades.

  • Effective and convenient targeting of individual or multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

  • Complements any existing land-based training routine – and enhances the results.

  • Numerous scientific studies reveal EMS to be highly effective.

train anywhere.

Our suits are comfortable, versatile and flexible allowing complete freedom of movement. Pre-configure your trainings in the Wiemspro app, then link up the devices for complete control and adjustment during the session. The app will automatically store all user training information to analyze and track each athlete’s performance.

burn fat.

Numerous studies have proven electro-muscular stimulation to be highly effective in reducing body fat composition. The study below shows a significant decrease in waist circumference, visceral fat and body percentage when training with an EMS suit.

build muscle.

Studies have shown an increase of 31% in strength and muscle gain after just 8 weeks of training with low frequency electro-muscular stimulation suits. When combined with exercise, EMS creates up to 40% more force.


Our Professional suits never touch the client as they wear washable underwear. Clients can have a personalized suit and be ready for you when you arrive, saving time for both you and your clients.

The Science.

There are 30+ studies on the effectiveness of EMS. In one study, which focused on the effects of 8 weeks of electro-muscular stimulation, results showed that EMS is very effective in achieving mass gain and muscle strength and also in the loss of subcutaneous fat. Participants increased 31% in muscular strength.



take your fitness to the next level